Customer Feedback

I just wanted to say thank you very much for sending out my order so quickly. I need the goggles for this Sunday and was a bit worried that they might not get to me in time, but your service was really speedy. So, once again, thanks! Yours sincerely, Carly

Hello, I would like to congratulate Halcyon on your fantastic revival of the original RAF goggles as where used during WW2. I think they are beautifully replicated and are a great tribute to your company and its terrific employees. Best wishes Regards Chris

Thanks for the outstanding goggles! perfect fit, outstanding lenses. They work perfectly!! I am glad that your organization continues to manufacture a product of this high quality and offer it at a reasonable price. Thanks for the speedy shipment too. I look forward to doing more business with you again soon..

Comment: I just received my goggles yesterday. They are my first from Halcyon. They have surpased my expectations. I have yet to swap out the lenses to try the tinted versions, but have not doubt they will be equally as impressive as the clear versions. I must confess - i wore them home from the post office.....I was in my car with the windows up. I almost wore them to bed, but my lovely wife helped me to see the error of my ways. On a related note-the packaging/wrapping job was so carfully and precisely exicuted that I almost did not open the package for fear of disrupting the artful presentation. Do you have a Halcyon decal you can send me? I would like to apply it to my toolbox for all to see. Forever a Halcyon customer. Markus

I just received the goggles and it works perfect with my Fulmer V2 in size M and L. You should be proud to work for Halcyon who puts out such a high quality product that not only looks great but is also functional and stays true to its vintage roots. I left excellent feedback on eBay for you and thank you for your great personal customer service. I can't wait to show off my new goggles this Holiday weekend. I would be interested in a photochromic lenses and I had hoped that the goggles had some sort of logo or company name to show its authenticity(for future re-sale purposes). Have a great day and best wishes to you, your son, family, and everyone there at Halcyon. Thank you, Christian

Just a note to say how pleased I am with my 835 handlebar end mirror I have just fitted. A beautifully produced, simple and effective design. I wish I had ordered one before grappling with, and losing, three of the equivalent products from Oberon over the past 18 months - the last I just couldn't be bothered to go back and look for! Nicholas

What can I say ! my son in Canada phoned me Sunday afternoon with a query could I get the goggles I did so hoping they would get to me before we go to visit him on the 21st and low and behold they are here this morning What an excellent service I am just worried I shall be stuck with even more requests as he is a very keen vintage motorcycle rider and owner Thanks again Anne

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your after sales service, itís absolutely second to none, and a total credit to you and your team. I shall take great delight in reviewing the mirrors on your web page. I should like to wish you all success with your company in the future. A very delighted and happy Brian

The order process was easy and the packaging excellent. Congratulations on your customer service,you certainly exceeded my expectations. Many thanks. John

Just recieved my Halcyon Compact goggles and i have to say that i am very happy with them.You can tell from the excellent packaging that you are getting a quality product straight away and they didn't dissapoint. I would have opted for the presentation box as well but hopefully if we get a summer this year they will be on my helmet most of the time. So to the product and what a great bit of kit it is,perfect fit on my Davida helmet and very good craftmanship all round, from the triple silicon strips on the headband to the beautifully finished frame, they say you pay for quality but these are the best out there and cheaper than some others and even better they are made in England so it's good stuff all round. Excellent.